Go Book

35 x 25cm – 30 pages / £270  / Order here

35 x 25cm – 40 pages / £308  / Order here

35 x 25cm – 50 pages / £328  / Order here

Go book

A blend of quality, convenience and beauty

Gobook portrays a class of elegance. It has an unmistakable style that blends innovation with strong Italian craftsmanship.

The Gobook is a ground-breaking product created by Graphistudio that builds on three major concepts: high-quality, versatility and convenience.

The Gobook features a layflat continuous binding and two cover options: matte laminated photographic paper or gocolor leatherette. It comes with a matching gobox through.

Book sizes

The Gobook is available in size 35×25cm.

The paper

The Gobook can include from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 60 pages (sides) printed on photographic paper. Glossy or matte lamination is available on request.

The block

The Gobook features the patented binding system invented by Graphistudio. The layflat binding allows you to view the panoramic page without seeing a separation in the seam.

The cover

The solid Gobook cover perfectly completes the block by offering yet more value. Spine and back are in gocolor leatherette while the covering of the front panel has two options: matte laminated photographic paper, fully customisable with a printed image which can be designed through the specific tool of the online configurator. gocolor leatherette in one of the 40 available colours. A different colour can be chosen for the cover, spine and back, creating numerous possibilities. The colour overprinting, also with raised varnishing, offers additional customisation solutions.


The ideal solution to complete the book is the matching gobox. Each box is hand-made in rigid hdf (high density fiberboard) material, and then covered in the gocolor leatherette. The box colour can be chosen for a contrast or tone combination with the colours selected for the cover. The gobook is also available without the box.

Magnetic transparencies

The magic of the gobox closing mechanism stems from the desire to protect the book without hiding its cover and refined finishing. This intent is obtained thanks to a Plexiglas plate linked to the box through a magnetic fastening. The lid is available in both transparent and semi-transparent options.