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Insurance Policy for Photographers

Meet your photographer…

Hello, I am Frédérique! Nice to meet you.

I am here for you…preserving your history… and creating memories.

I am here to guide you and help you get the kind of wedding images that you want.

Today, after 150+ weddings, I find there is nothing more exciting than capturing the magic that takes place during a wedding and the time leading up to that day.

I’m very passionate and emotional about what I do, photographing the most precious moments to treasure for generations. I have a happy personality and I can really connect with others. I work throughout the UK and worldwide.

I love to work closely with my clients and to create images that commemorate their special day. I always tailor my services to deliver what you are looking for in a professional, relaxed, informal and unobtrusive manner. I focus on personalities and I love exploring the spirit of the day, the emotions, the atmosphere and spontaneous key moments, fun and laughter.

I have chosen wedding photography as a vehicle for expression, evocative statements or poetic stillness. I produce unique images and reveal the timeless allure of individuals with style and impeccable taste.

The art of storytelling

My passion lies in creating beautiful and artful photographs  with a number of variations from natural and candid shots to posed, group photos. I know when and what to capture with a taste for colours, textures, details, lighting, movements, portraiture…

Every wedding is unique. I tell the story of your big day by freezing fraction of a second moments (and the moments between moments), that are otherwise gone. These photos will be the only artifacts left after, for you to relive your big day.

I document the day with a documentary story-telling approach mixed with posed moments and a session solely dedicated for the couple. I specialise in creative and artistic wedding photography that celebrates people’s love, their traditions and cultural background. Inner beauty and femininity are definitely key themes of my photography too.

My work has been deeply informed and enriched by my continuous multicultural experiences, cross-cultural dialogues and exploration of identities, histories and meanings. I have photographed and worked internationally, and developed a deep appreciation for peoples, arts and cultures.

A joyful wedding photography experience
for bride and groom who value
legacy, memories and family.

I deliver unique photography experience and I tell stories about people with a personal approach and authenticity. I take great pride in delivering a professional and high standard of service. I am available for any kind of wedding and engagement shoot, from Caucasian to multicultural and interfaith couples and families.

I’ll add to your wedding day by keeping you stress-free and breezing through your wedding day photos.

I intend to produce images that that you will love for a lifetime and pass down from generation to generation.

More photography and video productions by Frédérique Cifuentes here: